Price May Change without Notice
Hot & Spicy     Contains Raw Fish

Soup and Salad

O1. Miso Soup 1.99
O2. House Soup 1.99
O3. Vegetable Soup 2.99
O4. Seafood Soup 5.99
O5. House Salad 2.59
O6. Avocado Salad 3.99
O7. Cucumber Salad 3.59
O8. Seaweed Salad 4.59
O9. Crabmeat Salad
Crabmeat, cucumber, fish egg crunch spicy mayo
O10. Squid Salad 4.99
O11. Snow Crab Salad
Snow crab and avocado, lettuce, sesame and spicy mayo on top
O12. Tokyo Salad
Crabstick, avocado, snow crab, salmon, tuna, green onions, with a side of ponzu